‘H1N1 influenza is the cause of Swine Flu deaths’, Health Dept

LAHORE: Health Department of Punjab claimed that the deaths occurred due to Swine Flu is because of H1N1 influenza, whereas the prescribed medicines to avoid the deaths from this disease are still not provided in the hospitals.

According to the Health Department of Punjab, patients who have flu, fever, diarrhea and different associated diseases for a longer period of time carry H1N1 influenza, whereas the most affected areas in Punjab are Lahore, Multan, Dera Ghanzi Khan and Jhang.

The authorities further claimed that the patients carrying H1N1 influenza transfers the germs to other persons who are around them. The doctors claimed that nine people have lost their lives, within four months, due to this influenza and lack of proper medication to cure this disease.

On the other hand, all the Govt. hospitals are continuously on high alert regarding these associated medical issues, whereas the doctors and authorities have advised and requested the patients to cover their mouth with a handkerchief or mask, whenever the sneeze and have recommended the patients to avoid going to public places.