Former Pakistani Player, Saqlain Mushtaq coaching West Indian spinners

MIRPUR: A former spinner player, Saqlain Mushtaq has been coaching the West Indian spinners, whereas Pakistani coach Moin Khan has been facing nervousness regarding the assistance of Saqlain Mushtaq for West Indies.

Moin Khan showed uneasiness regarding the favor offered by Saqlain Mushtaq to the West Indian team, whereas he informed his team players, especially the batsmen that Saqlain is specialized and credited for inventing Dosra type of balls.

He also mentioned that Saqlain, during his time was a symbol of terror for the batsmen of other teams, whereas he said that the team has to set up strategies to beat his kind of balls.

On the other hand, Saqlain Mushtaq said that he is a Pakistani after all and he wants to see Pakistani team win, whereas he mentioned that, ‘I am a professional coach and cannot abandon my duties and turn my ayes from this.’

‘As being a professional coach, I will try my best to make the West Indian team win.’ said Saqlain Mushtaq.