FIA asked to submit a report regarding Meera and Capt. Naveed heinous video

LAHORE:Court asked Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to submit a detailed investigation report in the court regarding the heinous video, published via Internet, by Meera and her so-called husband, Capt. Naveed.

According to the sources, the court conducted a hearing today regarding the heinous video of Meera and Capt. Naveed published via Internet.

Meanwhile, the Investigating officer of the case said that publishing such video and making it viral through Internet is a ‘Cyber Crime’, whereas he also said that Cyber Crime does not comes under police authorities.

After the concerns stated by the investigation officer, the court handed over the case to FIA and asked them to submit a detailed report regarding the issue.

It is pertinent to know that few months back Meera and her so-called American husband Capt. Naveed published their outrageous video via Internet, after which a citizen of the country, named Shabir registered a case against them.