Fake MBA foreign degree of Meera’s sister

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Housing Authority (PHA) disclosed names of three officers, who were holding a fake foreign degree, which included Meera’s sister, who possessed a fake foreign printed MBA degree.

The sources revealed that, Meera’s sister was held accountable by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to possess a fake MBA foreign degree, whereas two other PHA officers, Deputy Director Information Technology Asad Ali Shah and Superintendent Sohail were also held accountable to possess a fake degree.

All the three officers were appointed in PHA, whereas Meera’s sister was appointed in PHA as Assistant Director Marketing.

Meera’s sister, Aqsa Rubab after marrying a Gernam National went abroad, but received his salary from PHA.

NAB, clarifying the details, has asked the housing to take an immediate departmental action against the culprits.