‘Explanation needed by the Govt. in regard to satisfy Taliban’, says Prof Ibrahim

PESHAWAR: Leader of Taliban negotiation Committee, Prof. Ibrahim, on Friday asked the Govt. to give explanations regarding the killing of Taliban members, while they were in custody.

Prof. Ibrahim, while talking to the media said that the Taliban, during the negotiation meeting complained about the killing of their members, while they were in jail or police custody.

Prof. Ibrahim have asked the Govt. to give them a certain explanation regarding their complain, so that the negotiation talks could be continued on a good pace.

Prof Ibrahim further said that, he and his team is trying to elongate the cease fire from Taliban side, whereas to overcome the situation both committee’s are in a need to meet each other and discuss over the issues.

Meanwhile, Maulana Sami-ul-Haq is conducting negotiation talks with the Govt. committee, regarding the complains of Taliban, so that the Govt. Committee could present certain explanation regarding the killings of Taliban, while they were in custody.