Expectations and limitations associated with 3G Technology in Pakistan!!

Currently, the hot topic in the telecommunication industry of Pakistan is 3G facility in telecommunication sector. Obviously, people are expecting high from this latest technology, although it is not so latest but new for the people in Pakistan.

As 3G means third generation telecommunication technology, the users will definitely try to find out something like its name in this technology. 2G or 2.5G was the Telecom Network that we were using before 3G. The high data speed in 3G is the basic difference between 3G and 2G. In 2G, the technology used to transfer data is GPRS or EDGE. But in 3G the technology will be UMTS, WCDMA or EV-DO.

Following are the basic points that are related to 3G in Pakistan and people are expecting the same from this technology.

High data speed is the most prominent point in 3G. From consumers perspective they think that 3G is something to have fast speed and good video quality and improve communication means. So, people are so much interested in buying 3G-powered devices and tools.

With the usage of 3G, we will get the facility of video calling. Applications like Skype provide us the facility to make a video call. 3G will allow us to do this from our mobile handset.

With this technology, we will be able to listen internet radio or Internet TV on our mobile set. From consumer perspective, they expect to gain many benefits like roaming capability and broad bandwidth and high speed communication.

There are some limitations as well associated with the 3G technology in Pakistan.

All the facilities that have been described above need a mobile handset which can support all these features. And this cannot be possible without a Smart Phone, because Smart Phone is the only hand set that can support all the above mentioned facilities and features. So this is the main limitation to use this technology in Pakistan as majority does not carry/buy Smart Phones.

3G service is a luxury to some people in the sense of video calling charge. As the operators have invested a lot of money while purchasing the license of 3G, so to get the money they will impose a high rate to the 3G services and video calling facility. The data charge will also be very high.

Network support facility is another limitation associated with 3G technology, because other networks except 4 cannot support the above mentioned facilities.

Besides all, as Pakistan is entering a new era of telecommunication, we can expect that the telecommunication operators will definitely meet with the people’s expectations and deal with all the limitations.

BY Farah Jamil