ECNEC approves development projects worth Rs62bn

ISLAMABAD: The Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) on Friday approved different projects of social sector developments worth Rs. 62 billion.

The Committee met here with Minister for Finance, Mohammad Ishaq Dar in the chair and approved the establishment and operation of basic education community schools in the country project with a rationalized cost of Rs. 4282.059 million.

The community schools in the project will spread all over the country and the Ministry of Education, Training and Standard in Higher Education will execute the project in 36 months.

The project will bring the out-of-school children to schools and increase the overall literacy rate in the country.

The ECNEC approved reconstruction and rehabilitation of 277 flood-damaged school buildings in ten districts of Azad Jammu and Kashmir with a rationalized cost of Rs. 3865.035 million.

The project will be executed through Department of School Education AJK and completed by March 2019.

It may be mentioned that the floods of 2010 had badly affected the infrastructure in the country.

The Finance Minister emphasized on timely completion of the project as enhancing access to education is one of the key priorities of the government and the project will help increase literacy rate of AJK from 67pc to 95pc by 2019.

The ECNEC considered and approved eight projects of the Ministry of Water and Power for augmentation and extension of 132/11KV Transformers/Power Distribution Enhancement Investment Programme Tranche-4 for distribution companies; IESCO (Rs. 2061.657 million), FESCO (Rs.1833.842 million), HESCO (Rs. 1291.945 million), GEPCO (Rs. 1008.318 million), MEPCO (Rs. 3678.794 million), LESCO (Rs. 4808.214 million), QESCO (1183.566 million) and PESCO (Rs. 2749.737 million).

The projects envisage up-gradation/extension of existing grid stations for uninterrupted and sustainable power supply to the consumers. The implementation period for the projects is 2014-16.

The ECNEC approved the project “Construction of Low Cost Housing Units for Earthquake Affectees of District Awaran, & District Kech, Balochistan” with a modified cost of Rs. 4 billion.

The federal government will share 50pc cost (grant) and the remaining 50pc will be provided by the provincial government of Balochistan.

Rs. 2.0 billion has already been provided by the Federal Government and the Government of Balochistan.

The project aims at award of cash grants of Rs. 220,000/- to each house-owner for reconstruction of low cost two-room house; besides provision of solar electrification units.

The project also aims at provision and installation of 18 community solar pumps for provision of water. The project will be implemented through “Owner Driven Reconstruction Strategy”.

It may be mentioned that the Prime Minister directed for reconstruction of 16,000 houses in Awaran and Kech Districts which were hit by an earthquake of 6.8 rector scale in September 2013.

The period of completion will be three years.

The ECNEC also approved Sindh Water Sector Improvement Project (Phase-I) with a cost of Rs. 30,353.000 million which includes World Bank (IDA credit) of Rs. 28,840.000 million.

The project will be implemented in the command area of Ghotki feeder, Nara, Fuleli and Akram Wah canals.

The main objective of the project is to improve the effectiveness and operational efficiency of water distribution by ensuring the safety of the canal system and delivering due share of water to the farmers at the tail-end.

The ECNEC considered a report of the Planning Division for already approved Jamshoro 02x600MW coal fired power project. The ECNEC was informed that due to rationalization and strengthening of Pak rupee, there has been a reduction of Rs. 77.54 billion in the cost of the project.

It may be mentioned that ECNEC in its meeting held on February 12, 2014 approved the project subject to rationalization and revision of cost due to strengthening of Pak rupee.

The meeting was also attended by several other ministries.

Source: APP