Drought in Tharparkar takes lives of two more children today

MITHI: Two more children (girls) died due to malnutrition in Tharparkar taking the total death toll to 227 in Mithi Civil Hospital, Aaj News reported.

According to the sources, the patients’ rush in the civil hospital still continues, 102 people included 47 children seriously ill are presently under treatment. On the other hand, whereas 4 patients are admitted in Diplo Hospital, 2 patients are admitted in Islam Kot govt hospital, 65 in private, 11 patients in Nangar Par, and 99 patients in Chacharo.

Famine-hit Tharis also facing great difficulties in obtaining the government announced relief amounts from the one government and three private banks in Mithi and the lone private bank in Chachro whose ATM machines often go out order or out of cash, sources said.

The affectees have demanded from the govt and asked for food and medication in the districts.