Details for the release of 19 Taliban prisoner disclosed

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister, Chaudary Nisar Ali Khan disclosed the details regarding the release of 19 Taliban prisoners today on Friday, Aaj News reported.

According to the sources, Chaudary Nisar Ali Khan revealed all the detailed information regarding the release of 19 Taliban prisoners, whereas Taliban and Govt. negotiation committee’s are scheduled to meet today.

In accordance to conduct peace talks, the Govt. Committee negotiated with the Taliban’s, on which they agreed upon the agreement to release 19 Taliban prisoners on an exchange with the Taliban’s to cease the brutal violence within the country.

The agreement disclosed by the Interior Minister carried the following information:

1- Three prisoners will be released on 21st March.
2- Five prisoners will be released on 25th March.
3- 11 prisoners will be released on 28 March.
4- All the prisoners released by the Govt. Authorities are associated with Mehsood group of Taliban.

On the other hand, Chaudary Nisar Ali Khan met Nawaz Sharif, and personally briefed him about the release of the 19 prisoners, whereas he also informed that the negotiation talks are expected to lead towards a good result.