Defence Minister sends a reference against Geo News to PEMRA

ISLAMABAD: Defence Minister sent a reference notification against Geo News to PEMRA, in regard to put allegations against ISI and their chief officer, Aaj News reported.

The reference notification mentioned that when Hamid Mir was attacked and was shifted to the hospital in a critical condition, Geo News aired a package of news, which carried allegations against ISI and their chief officer. The allegations charged by the Geo News channel were totally outrageous and unacceptable.

In regard to these allegations, Defence Minister sent a reference notification to PEMRA against Geo News to cancel off their license, whereas the Defence Minister also asked the authorities to conduct a detail investigation regarding the falsely claimed charges.

The reference notification sent by the Defence Minister to Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) furthermore mentioned that any channel who is a part of social media group is not allowed to put such charges on a senior authority without any proofs, whereas this is not the first time, when Geo News channel has done something like that. These kind of Agenda’s have always been a part of Geo News.

According to the reference, all these claims have been termed as a ‘propaganda’ against the ISI authorities, whereas Geo News have attacked the senior most authority of our country, which won’t be acceptable at any cost.

The reference notification also carried several proof’s regarding the issue, whereas it also mentioned that ISI has always worked for the country’s prosperity and defence, while Geo News has always been involved in targeting those authorities, who work in the favor of this country.