Comedian George Wallace wins $1.3 million judgment against casino over injury

Comic George Wallace won a $1.3 million civil judgment against a Las Vegas casino resort for injuries he sustained during a 2007 performance, when tripped on audio cables, in a jury verdict returned on Tuesday.

The comedian was appearing at a corporate holiday party at the Bellagio when he suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon from getting tangled in the cables, which should have been properly secured, his attorney Dominic Gentile said. Wallace, who was best man at Jerry Seinfeld’s wedding, filed a lawsuit against the casino resort in 2009 accusing it of negligence. An eight-member jury found the Bellagio had breached its duty of care to Wallace, according to a court document describing the verdict.

Wallace, 61, was awarded $1.2 million for loss of income, $100,000 for pain and suffering and $8,500 for medical expenses, the document stated.

Wallace told reporters after the verdict that the injury had caused him to walk with a permanent limp. Gentile, who had previously asked that his client be awarded
several million dollars for the injury and other damages, said he respected the jury’s decision.