BISP released Rs328mn for 51,000 beneficiaries of Thar

ISLAMABAD: Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) released Rs328 million for approximately 51,000 beneficiaries of Thar as a special compensation amounting to additional Rs6400 per beneficiary.

So far, more than 49,000 Thar beneficiaries have withdrawn the grants from their respective accounts, said a news release issued here on Wednesday.

Benazir Income Support Programme is working towards the establishment of an effective Social Safety Net in the country for the poorest of the poor households.

In order to ensure transparency and efficiency in its operations, BISP has adopted scientific targeting as well as payment mechanisms. This enables BISP to reconcile the data with banks on real-time basis which helps in quick resolution to the problems as well, with an added objective of financial inclusion of beneficiaries of BISP.

The Programme aims at shifting all the beneficiaries from traditional to scientific payment mechanisms in the future. For the purpose of including more poor households in the Programme, in the famine affected areas of Thar as well as all over the country, a performance management system has been started for the first time in the history of BISP, according to which monthly targets are given to field offices and they are asked to submit periodic reports in this regard.

Because of this approach, the number of beneficiaries from 2nd quarter to 3rd quarter of FY 2013-14, increased from 4.18 million to 4.31 million approximately.

This was against the 4.25 million target set by IMF for BISP, which the Programme has not only achieved but also exceeded because of this new system.

BISP is the organization aiming towards achieving maximum facilitation to its beneficiaries and the tools adopted by BISP are working towards improving the overall status of the beneficiaries as well.

Source: APP