Bhakkar cannibals produce in ATC

BHAKKAR: One of the two cannibal brothers has been arrested today (Tuesday) and presented in Anti-Terrorism-Court of Sargodha over suspicion of cannibalism, Aaj News reported.

He was arrested yesterday after head of a baby was found at his house in Darya Khan tehsil of Bhakkar.

It must be mentioned here that the corpse-eaters were arrested in 2011 for digging out dead bodies from a local graveyard and cooking body parts at home. But, they were released in May last year after serving a two-year sentence after which, they resumed their inhuman and repulsive habit.

During investigation, they revealed that they used to eat dead bodies for black magic rituals.

They had confessed to eating dead bodies and animal flesh for the past 10 years, during investigation.

Police said the men would be presented in anti-terrorism court today. They must be given severe punishment by the Court. According to law personnel, they must be given death penalty on this inhuman and repulsive habit.