AFIC dismisses Musharraf’s request of transfer

ISLAMABAD: AFIC Medical board team dismissed Former President General (rtd.) Parvez Musharraf’s request to shift him to the farmhouse after checking his medical situation, Aaj News reports.

According to the reports, AFIC medical board team rejected Mushrraf’s request to shift him to the farmhouse, due to his severe the medical condition, whereas the doctors claimed that the patient’s sugar and Cholesterol level is not stable.

According to the sources, family members, who were closest to Mushrraf, also advised him for not moving to the farmhouse.

It is pertinent to know that Musharraf’s mother was taken to the hospital earlier, as doctors have claimed her condition serious. In regard to this, Mushrraf is worried for his mother and had requested the court to grant him to leave for Dubai and meet her mother.