Achakzai terms Musharraf’s indictment a defining moment

ISLAMABAD: Veteran politician and PkMAP chief Mahmood Khan Achakzai on Monday termed the indictment of former dictator Gen (retd) Pervez Musharraf in a treason case a defining moment in the country’s history.

“It is for the first time that a court has indicted a dictator for abrogating the Constitution. Today we are at an important juncture of history. It is a defining moment,” he said opening the discussion on law and order situation in the country.

He appreciated the courage and independence of judiciary and asked the parliamentarians to wake up for a cause. “Unfortunately, we politicians, keep on sleeping, but it is time to wake up and save the country. When the judges take bold decisions, the nation should
stand by them.”

Recalling the history, he said when the Constitution did not guarantee the rights of people, they decided to part ways. He quoted the examples of separation of Muslims of India and later separation of Bengalis from Pakistan. “And if now, the Constitution does not guarantee the rights of the people of smaller province, God forbid they may also decide to part ways.”

“If we want to keep Pakistan united, we will have to respect the Constitution and stand behind the judiciary,” he added.

He said today people were talking of illness of Musharraf’s mother. Then the question arises that why was Nawaz Sharif not allowed to meet his ailing father, he asked.

He said the government could allow Musharraf to go abroad. “But it will be a blunder. The government should should wait for the court verdict. Even if Musharraf is allowed to go abroad, he must first be awarded a symbolic punishment.”

Achakzai said,”Anybody, who will fight for the country’s sovereignty, should be saluted, but the one, who will abrogate the Constitution, must be scorned.”
“We will be committing a crime, if we fail to protect the Constitution,” he added.