Abbottabad: 13 people killed in a wedding reception

ABBOTTABAD: At least 13 people were killed and four other were injured in Abbottabad, Hawaliya area, when a wedding reception turned into a battle field, Aaj News reported.

According to the sources, family members associated with Shah Sawar Group was passing by the house of another associated group named as Mansaf Group, whereas the group whose marriage reception was about to take place were busy doing aerial fires in front of others houses.

Another associated group, Mansaf, asked them not to fire in front of their houses, but the family members didn’t bothered. After a minute or later, both groups started shooting fires at each other, due to which 13 people, including women lost their lives, whereas four others sustained injuries.

The sources revealed the identification of the injured persons as Arif Shah, Khurshida Bibi and Aamir, whereas the identification of the people who were killed was not revealed, but the sources claimed that majority of the people, who were killed belonged to Mansaf Shah Group, which included the mother and the father, a couple, sons, brothers and sisters.

The dead bodies and the injured were shifted to RHC, Ayub Teaching Hospital and DHQ Hospital after the incident.