‘Aamir likely to participate in International cricket’, says Sethi

LAHORE: Najam Sethi, Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) revealed on Friday that Muhammad Aamir, who has been banned to participate in any team’s cricket matches, will soon participate in International cricket.

While doing a press conference in Lahore, Najam Sethi said that the PCB authorities are in contact with the International Cricket Council (ICC) to accommodate Muhammad Aamir in one of their teams.

Furthermore, he mentioned that the charges on Muhammad Aamir will be imposed in the month of June, whereas the PCB authorities are expecting that the charges would be made less for him, as the ICC authorities would curtail one year from the restriction charged against him of not playing in the field.

It is pertinent to know that Muhammad Aamir was charged by the ICC authorities, in regard to do spot fixing, whereas three other players were also sentenced with the same charges.