3G, 4G auction process underway

ISLAMABAD: The process for awarding 3G and 4G cell phone spectrum licenses started here, in which four cellular companies were taking part.

The process began with the announcement of base price of the bid for both the licenses, and PTA has allotted symbols to all four bidders to move forward the process,PTV reported.

It merits a mention here that all the four bidders were mobile operators already working in the field.

The four bidders were submitting their final bids for the license and PTA would finally announce the result through electronic system.

PTA has fixed base price of 295 million US dollars for 3G (2100 MHz) spectrum-band, 291 million US dollars for 4G (1800 MHz) spectrum-band.

One license of 850 MHz spectrum-band would be allotted to any new telecommunication company for which the base price was fixed at 210 million US dollars.