3-G technology to usher in new era of IT development: PM

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on Thursday said the introduction of 3-G technology in the country will usher in a new era of development of Information Technology sector.

He said the growth in national economy was evident from the economic indicators and the trust shown by the multilateral donors.

The Prime Minister said this while talking to a three-member delegation from telecom industry comprising of Jo Lender, CEO Vimplecom, Augie K Fabela, co-founder and Chairman Emeritus and Rashid Khan, CEO and President Mobilink.

The Prime Minister said the economy is growing at fast pace, the stock exchange had seen rise as rupee gained value against dollar.

He said steps had been taken to overcome energy crisis and the shortfall would be met in next few years.

The Prime Minister said the government had embarked upon aggressive privatization policy.

“The Government should not run businesses but facilitate businesses and for this purpose we have raised the trust of the investors,” he added.

The delegation appreciated the government’s policy of privatization and said that the policy would provide impetus to economy.

The delegates said that introduction of 3-G technology in Pakistan will provide the necessary momentum to the growing economy.

The Prime Minister said that the 3-G license will be open for all the national and international competitors and it will be awarded in transparent manner.

“We expect that the international bidders will also compete in the 3-G license,” he said.

The Prime Minister said that IT sector was observing fusion of different sectors including telecom and banking sectors and our investors need to take advantage of this phenomenon.

He said additionally, it will create job opportunities for the youth.

He said, “Our youth are energetic and if provided opportunity and space, they can excel in IT sector through their creativity and innovation.”

Source: APP