10-month-old baby, Jacob set to donate bone marrow to older sister

10-month-old baby boy, named Jacob, is all set to donate his bone marrow to his two-year-old sister, Seren Rose, who is suffering from mucopolysacharidosis.

According to the doctors of Seren Rose, this disease occurs, when the enzymes in the body does not work properly or either they are not produced in sufficient quantity, which forces a patient to surfer from different sub diseases like brain damages, learning problems, weaknesses and developmental problems, which Seren Rose is currently suffering from.

When the particular disease in Seren Rose was diagnosed in December, doctors advised the parents to set her up for a bone marrow operation, for which they needed a match within the family members. The doctors stated that finding a match within the family members would be beneficial for her.

Unfortunately, parents of Seren Rose were both not a perfect match, but her 10-month-old brother, Jacob was a perfect match to donate his bone-marrow to his sister, so she could live a better and a long lasting healthy life.

The doctors claimed that there is 85% success rate with the transplant, as 5% rejection rate and 10% chance Seren Rose could get life-threatening disease.

The doctors further claimed that after the operation, Jacob will need four days to recover and will be kept under observation, whereas Seren Rose will require at least two months to lead a healthy life.

Parents of both Jacob and Seren Rose said that they are looking forward for a positive result, whereas the parents expect that in future their children will live a healthy and a prosperous life, in which both brother and sister would have a close bond for each other.