‘Political parties to be involved in Karachi violence’, claims ISI

KARACHI: Intelligence and Security Agencies submitted a detailed report in the Supreme Court and claimed that Karachi Violence is in upsurge because of the existence of political parties, which are continuously destructing peace within the country, Aaj News reported.

According to the ISI statements passed in Provincial Assembly meeting held in Islamabad, violence in Karachi is completely dependent upon the political parties. He further claimed that all the terrorists activities or the terrorists are fully supported by the political parties for their beneficial cause, whereas foreign powers and agencies are fully equipped to back-stab the peace within the country.

Meanwhile, the ISI team while briefing in the meeting suggested that all the political parties should come together to bring peace again within the country, whereas the report submitted by the ISI Chief police was agreed upon all the members of the Assembly.

On the other hand, Chairman Sheikh Rohail Azgar said that the briefing given by the ISI was appropriate and free from error, whereas he praised the performance of Security Agencies for bringing the peace back within the country.