Pakistan ready to facilitate Malaysia to recover the missing jet

ISLAMABAD: The FO spokesperson, Tasneem Aslam presented her views regarding the claim of the missing jet in Pakistan; she said that the Malaysian jet has not been accommodated in the remits of Pakistan, whereas Pakistan is ready to facilitate Malaysia to locate the missing jet.

On the other hand, Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najeeb Razzak had a telephonic conversation with Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday and asked for his authorities to help locate the missing jet, regarding which Nawaz facilitated Najeeb Razzak and said that he and the authorities will try their best to provide any kind of help to locate the jet.

Meanwhile, Nawaz informed Najeeb Razzak about the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has stored all the required data of the day when Malaysian jet went missing, whereas the Aviation Authorities will share this data with Malaysian Authorities.

On one side Pakistani Authorities claims that their radar signals have not shown any kind of signs or unknown movements on that day, whereas Malaysian authorities claims that they just want to check the radar signals themselves to make sure that whether any kind of small or minor movement have been made or not.

The mission to locate the missing jet has now included 26 countries including Pakistan, whereas Thailand Authorities claims that there are major chances of this plane to crash at an unknown location. On the other hand, Britain Authorities claims that there are major chances of the plane to be hijacked because, if the Malaysian jet entered in any other location other then the specified one, the radar signals will show an emergency alert.

It is pertinent to know that the Malaysian jet carrying 239 passengers, including 12 crew members went missing from the radars and is still not located, whereas the family members of the missing jet passenger’s are still awaited to hear something about their loved ones.