No deal for halt US drone strikes: Sartaj

London: Prime Minister’s Advisor on National Security and Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz said that there has not been any formal deal for the US to stop drone strikes in Pakistan, Aaj News reported on Saturday.

Talking to a British television, Sartaj Aziz said, the only reason to start negotiation with Taliban is to protect the country from terrorism. He further added that US had not stopped the drone attacks as a facility for Pakistan to hold talks with Taliban.

There has not been any formal deal between US, Taliban and Pakistan behind the stoppage of US drone strikes.

According to the details, Sharif urged Obama to end drone strikes during his visit back in October, and Aziz suggested that President Obama may have finally gotten the hint, since there haven’t been many drone strikes in the past few months.

“Although the US has not announced formally to stop drone attacks and it will not do so, it seems Obama has understood Pakistan views on use of unmanned aircraft.

He said that Pakistan will take a serious step against Taliban and start operation if they will do anything wrong against the peace of the country.