‘Names of prisoners revealed during peace talks’, says Prof. Ibrahim

ISLAMABAD: Leader of Taliban Committee, while talking to Aaj TV praised Nawaz Sharif’s attempts for leading peace within the country, whereas he said that the second round of meeting with Taliban’s will take in North Waziristan in upcoming weeks, Aaj News reported.

Prof. Ibrahim, while talking to our media sources claimed that the deal of ceasefire against Taliban will remain intact, whereas he also informed that the discussions, which took place in the meeting reviewed the names of the prisoners which are to be released from both sides.

He claimed that the negotiation deals for releasing prisoners, as well as making these talks successful by taking Taliban into confidence is underway. Prof Ibrahim was pleased to say that these negotiation talks will bring about a virtuous outcome, whereas both the Govt. and Taliban will than be a joint negotiated team, who will work together.