‘Islamabad District Court attack ventured by Taliban’s’, says Khursheed Shah

ISLAMABAD: Opposition leader Khursheed Shah said that Islamabad District Court attack was made by Taliban’s, whereas he blamed the Govt. in regard for not taking any action against the Taliban’s, Aaj News reported.

While talking to media outside Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), Khursheed Shah said that the attack was made by Taliban’s, there is no other sources and parties behind the incident. “I am disappointed with the Govt. for not taking any action against the Taliban’s regarding this shameful incident.”, says Khursheed Shah.

Khursheed Shah also mentioned that the strategies to setup security measures in Islamabad was being ignored. he said that It’s high time for Govt to to act against Taliban’s. He also showed his deepest concerns for the victims and to their families. He also said that all the political parties and the nation should come together on one platform to eliminate the cause of terrorism.