Is globalization causing an uplift in terrorism?

by Farhan Mushtaq

The problem of Islamic terrorism hides within itself an obscured clash of civilizations and cultures, which is the result of globalization that has triggered many economic and cultural changes over the past years across the globe.Globalization has allowed the transfusion of cultures across the globe, which has, at one side, helped the world to become more interconnected and benefit from each other’s capabilities but on the other hand, it has caused many cultures to be fighting for their survival which in return lose its prominence.

What we are seeing now, is the reaction from all those cultures and religions being intervened by this process of globalization. Each region has its own values and traditions pertaining to their dress code, way of greeting, ethical conscience and others, which are often found attached with the religious beliefs of those following that culture such as in most of the Islamic states.The intrusion to these values and traditions by globalization is being opposed in many parts because it promotes a completely different set of values and living patterns that are contrasting to their long held religious and cultural practices.

This has led many Muslim cultures to drown in the confusion of deciding between the two totally different ideologies, creating a physiological divide within those cultures. People who have radically conservative opinions and people who are liberal in their views.That same divide can be seen in our society, causing a friction between these two sections over different social and religious issues. For example, either women should be allowed to work or not and many other issues where they come in conflict with each other.With both sides taking their own bigoted stances over these issues, sharpening the conflicts already present.