Invoking of sedition case against Kashmiri students flayed

ISLAMABAD: Legal experts have condemned the invoking of sedition charges by the Indian authorities against the Kashmiri students, who celebrated Pakistan cricket team’s victory over Indian team.

Senior lawyer and legal expert, Zaffar Ahmed Shah said that celebrating victory of a team with which Indian team voluntarily played cricket match does not, by any stretch of imagination, constitute any offence under Indian law,reported KMS.

“Registration of the cases against the students arise out of erroneous perceptions,”  said Zaffar Ahmed Shah.

Senior counsel and constitutional expert, Syed Tassadque Hussain, said that the matter was more of a psychological antipathy between the people of Kashmir and India.

Senior lawyer, Bashir Ahmad Bashir, said that expression of joy of the students with regard to a pure sporting activity would not come in the definition of sedition.

Around 67 Kashmiri students studying in Meerut were booked under sedition charges for cheering Pakistan’s victory against India.