Haris Khan, the youngest Mobile App developer

DUBLIN: Haris Khan, who is 10-years-old and a Pakistani boy by the nationality, has become the most youngest Mobile App developer after making a game by the name of ‘Super Soccer Kick.

According to the sources, Haris is an Irsih citizen, but a Pakistani national, who is fond of technology and sports, whereas his passion for both of these things assisted him to become the youngest Smartphone App developer.

His game ‘Super Soccer Kick’ has become widely available on Apple free Apps, which works perfectly on iPads, iPhone and iPod Touch. His game is fusion of both sports and technology, which encourage users to have fun, while using the App.

This App was launched on 7th February, 2014, whereas according to an Irish Newspaper and a local TV channel, this app has crossed the number of 400 downloads.

On the other hand, Haris is working on some more apps and games to launch in the market.