Peace and Tolerance

The progress of any community, country, nations and people depend upon the stance, conduct and attitude of people living within these communities, nations or countries. It depends upon the mode of communication, content of jealousy people carry for others, certain prejudices and intolerance which in returns deteriorates and bruises the society, community, nations, countries and people.

A distinct nature of men living in this world accelerates them to bind themselves in social world by cutting off isolation. This somehow instructs men to tolerate habits and views of other to a greater extent.

We live in a world which accommodates various kinds of people within it. These people belong to different cast, culture, religion or ethnicity. It’s like a mixed society or community in which people try to adjust themselves. These people may carry different psychological, social and temperamental attitudes and needs which could be other way round from others. It justifies that though everybody lives in a same place and surrounding but their thoughts, needs, wants and attitudes can differ from each other. This is what nature is. Today we are living in a world which is technologically advanced, socially updated and economically challenging. Now people try to accustom themselves in these trends. This is how variance in views and thoughts create clashes among them.

When people ask for tolerant attitudes from other; they actually ask respect from other towards their cultural and religious beliefs and social attitudes. During the past few years racial and religious clashes have always remained in highlights. The most deadliest and harsh clash occurred in Middle East.

Every religion and culture’s first and foremost golden rule is the teaching of peace and tolerance. Dashiell Serebrin in his essay of “Religious Tolerance: The key to Peace” states the concept of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” or “do not to others what you would not have done to you,” is practiced worldwide. He states this concept with an elaboration that no matter how different your culture or religion may be from other but it will somehow meet you on the same ground as yours. It’s because of the core faith every religion follow meets on the same ground. Many religious riots take place due to lack of understanding within people.

Allama Iqbal, a great leader and a poet of Pakistani Society quotes “Islam is essentially a religion of peace.” He rejected the view of Islam being a militant religion which is spread out on the basis of sword.

God, who is considered Omnipotent in every religion in one or the other way, is the Devine design. If he wanted everyone to be a follower of Islam, he would have made everyone a Muslim. But that’s not a straight and simple thing to understand. In the Holy Book of Islam that is Quran, it’s clearly mentioned that God is the one who is inclusive to all the differences and he is the creator of these variegated creatures.

Christianity on the other hand carries the same context of Peace and Tolerance with a little variation. They state “We must come to see our enemy as a fellow human with his own dignity and view him as our neighbor, approaching him with an open heart with a recognizable, genuine will for reconciliation and a new beginning”

True definition of Peace and Tolerance can be achieved only by active reconciliation within communities and it can only be done by melting away traditional prejudices and putting an end to tragic animosities.

Peace and tolerance are the two basic ways through which harmony among countries, nations and communities can be achieved very easily. Malaysia being a country which accommodates people belonging to various races is still living in peace and harmony. Yet there are certain issues which create hype; but these issues cannot be certainly defined or attributed as a major issue which has caused Malaysia to enhance its developmental skills. The racial unity among the people over there is the main factor for the progress of the country in all spheres of activity.

The factor of peace and tolerance is mostly dominated by Media nowadays. Showing discrimination among states, government or people in a way which can bring up their stories at highest rating have encouraged communities and people to set themselves up in classes and status.

Knowledge of Peace and Tolerance cannot be classified in books as explanations or they could be explained in a mode of an example from which people can learn or adapt. Instead of this, Peace and tolerance can be achieved by the training of societies and individuals from the beginning of the time they start to understand the world and its complexities. This is what knowledge is. Once you don’t experience anything, you won’t be able to apply it. But else then experience, understanding of particular things which are important to maintain harmony from the beginning of the time is very necessary. If we say that youth are the upcoming generation who can bring change in the world, within societies or communities; then it’s very necessary for them to understand the true meaning of peace and tolerance because without these two things, nothing could be achieved.

“It is thus tolerance that is the source of peace, and intolerance that is source of disorder and squabbling.” (Pierre Bayle)