Pak-China Economic Corridor to bring opportunities for Chinese Speakers

ISLAMABAD: The establishment of Pak-China Economic Corridor would bring huge economic benefits to the region and Pakistanis who can speak and communicate in Chinese language and create great opportunities of employments, business, trade and travel.

This was stated by Mr Yuan Jianmin, Deputy Secretary General China Council for International Investment Promotion and influential personality in the province Xinjiang, China.

He stated this while heading a 14-member’s delegation of Xinjiang Television, China, during his visit to National University of Modern Languages (NUML).

The delegation was consisted of members including Mr Xi Jinxiao, Director Port Plan and Development, Zhang Yi, Deputy Managing Director Sust Dry Port, Mr Zhang Wei, Journalist in Urumqi TV Station, and other journalists from Urumqi TV station.

Mr Yuan Jianmin, said NUML was doing a great job by teaching and disseminating 24 different languages and culture of the world which was in a way great service to this world as it brings people, nations and countries closer to each other and help creating a harmonious international world.

He said that the growing quantum of interaction between the two countries reflects the positive desire of both sides to further reinforce the existing brotherly and time-tested China-Pakistan relationship to new heights.

As far as academic collaboration with NUML is concerned, establishment of NUML International Centre of Education by NUML in Urumqi would be a great opportunity for the people of Xinjiang and China to equip themselves with languages taught at NUML and get connected with the world, he added.

Earlier to this Director General (DG) Brig Azam Jamal briefed the delegation about curricular, co-curricular activities, learning and teaching facilities, and academic collaborations at NUML.

He said that NUML offers expertise and facilities for language learning which are phenomenal and we want our friendly countries like China to take benefit of them as China is expanding and reaching out the world.

NUML can help China to remove the language barrier she face while communicating the world, he added.

The member of delegation visited the different academic and learning facilities of the University including Chinese department, Confucius institute, Chinese Language labs, FM Radio Station, and Media Lab.