Mustafa Kamal’s resignation not accepted: MQM

Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) Rabita Committee has termed all the news reports regarding Senator Mustafa Kamal as baseless and fabricated. These news reports claimed that Kamal has developed differences with MQM leadership. The Rabita Committee said that the real fact is that he had gone to foreign country because of personal and marriage problems. They added that he had formally informed the MQM’s leadership before his departure.

Kamal had sent his resignation to the party’s leadership in the first week of November, citing his personal problems for the resignation. It clarified that the party had not yet accepted his resignation.

The Rabita Committee said that Mustafa Kamal had done tremendous work as a city nazim of the city.

“After the end of his term of office as the city Nazim in 2009 he had requested for leave from the political activities because he wanted time to establish his own business. The party had granted him leave happily, explained Rabita Committee.

The Rabita Committee said Altaf Hussain, Rabita Committee and all members of MQM prayed to Allah for the resolution of his personal problems so that he may be able to actively participate in MQM’s activities.-PR

Source: Business Recorder