Japan determined to work hand in hand with Pakistan: Ambassador

ISLAMABAD: Japanese Ambassador to Pakistan Hiroshi Inomata  has said that Japan was determined to work hand in hand with Pakistan to further strengthen the bilateral ties.

“I strongly believe that we can develop the Japan-Pakistan relations speaking at a reception, held  to celebrate the Emperor of Japan’s 80th birthday here.

The ambassador said both countries  enjoyed cooperative relations in various fields including foreign policy, economic and business activities, culture and people’s exchange in the last 60 years of diplomatic history.

Hiroshi Inomata said that since he assumed his duty as the Ambassador of Japan to Pakistan three months ago, he had been very much impressed by Pakistani people’s friendliness for Japan especially through that for Japanese products and culture.

He said at the end of September, he took part in the EXPO-Pakistan in Karachi, in which various Japanese products attracted attention from a  wide range of Pakistani visitors. A number of Japanese companies’ executive members, he met at the EXPO, considered Pakistan as having tremendous potential for business.

He, however, said due to some obstacles, such as security situation, shortage of electricity and governance issues, true potential of trade cooperation had not been achieved.

Recently in Lahore,  the Children Art & Speech Competition was an eye-opening experience for him to see children candidly expressing their views on Japan-Pakistan friendship, either on canvas or on stage.

The ambassador said he was encouraged to further cultivate Pakistani people?s interests in Japan.

“We are planning various cultural events such as Ikebana Workshop, Japanese Film Festival and Haiku Recital in various places at the beginning of 2014,” he announced.

Hiroshi Inomata said it was pleasure to celebrate the  80th birthday of Emperoror of Japan followed by the 60th anniversary of the  Japan-Pakistan diplomatic relations last year.

He said this  year was historic for Pakistan as it saw the first democratic transfer of  power following successful completion of a five-year term by a  democratically elected government. He praised every  stakeholder in Pakistan for achieving this transition.

The ambassador felt pleased to mention that Japan also played a role in the consolidation of democracy in Pakistan in May through some assistances including sending the Election Observer Mission.

Source: APP