Hundreds of teachers observe complete strike in model colleges

ISLAMABAD: Hundreds of teachers from Islamabad Model Colleges went on strike from Tuesday and boycotted the mid term examinations against denial of their due rights including upgradation of their scales, provision of hiring allowance and 20 percent salary enhancement.

The strike was led by the members of Central Academic Staff Association (CASA), Islamabad Model Colleges.

Around 1100 teachers from 20 model colleges observed complete strike in their respective colleges compelling the authorities to postpone or reschedule the ongoing exams.

The situation perturbed the students especially of junior classes who were ready to take their exams, making them and their parents worried about their grades.

Talking to APP, President CASA, Muhammad Rashid Khan said teachers community, after a long period of struggle has now realized that nothing is possible in this country without following the tradition of strike.

“We have knocked every door for redressal of our grievances in a decent way but found no response from the authorities in Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) and Ministry of Capital Administration and Development (CAD)”.

Teachers community has been facing non-upgradation, non-payment of rental allowance, seniority issue due to merger of model and F.G set ups and denial of their due promotions.

They would also highlight the issues faced by teachers due to non-allocation of budget for daily-wage staff and change of nomenclature from Senior School Teacher (SST) to Senior Lady Teacher (SLT) in junior section.

The teachers have also demanded removal of director model colleges who has been creating hurdles in the solution of teachers issues, saying “Only removal of director model colleges would pave the way for solution of 50 percent of their issues”.

Rashid Khan informed that a letter signed by 1,100 teachers of the model colleges has been submitted to the concerned authorities to intimate them about the strike.

About the protest, he said teachers have not performed examination duty in any model college and stayed idle within colleges.

However, in the next stage, the 1100 teachers would bring 40,000 students on roads,if their demands are not met.

A teacher of Islamabad Model College for Girls (IMCG) said “Principal of our college Rehana Rashid has threatened the female teachers working on daily wages that they would be terminated if continue the strike”.

She said “We would continue the strike with determination unless our demands are fulfilled as we have no other option.”

Federal Government College Teachers Association (FGCTA) expressed complete support and solidarity with the college teachers.

They joined hands with the model college teachers in their protest through wearing black arm-bands.

Talking to APP, Spokesman Ministry of CAD, Rafique Tahir informed that the demands of teachers would be presented to the Secretary Ministry of CAD in a meeting to be held Tuesday.

The genuine demands of the teachers would be accepted by the authorities, the spokesman added.