Hajj-2013: Ministry refunds Rs2.5 bln to Hujjaj

ISLAMABAD: A whooping Rs2,500,609,050 have been refunded by the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony to the Hujjaj as differences in the accommodation, transport and Qurbani charges received from them earlier in connection with Hajj 2013.

According to an official document, the Ministry has refunded Rs2,390,320,500 to Hujjaj as differences in accommodation charges, Rs79,738,050 as differences in transportation charges and Rs 30,550,500 has been refunded in Qurbani charges to hujjaj, who requested to sacrifice to perform the ceremony by themselves.

Bankwise details of the refunded amount – after charging actual rent of buildings allotted to the pilgrims, the differential amount has been refunded to the pilgrims.

The Habib banks has refunded Rs622,665,150 to Hujjaj of 2013 including Rs595,216,500 as accommodation differences, Rs19,591,650, as transportation differences and Rs7,857,000 on account of Qurbani charges.

The United Bank has refunded Rs 309,691,800 to the pilgrims included Rs 299,403,000 as accommodation differences, Rs 9,519,300 as transportation and Rs769,500 as Qurbani differences.

The National bank has refunded Rs 311,127,375 included to pilgrims Rs 296,694,000 as accommodation differences, 11,166,375 as transportation and Rs 3,267,000 as Qurbani differences.

The Muslim Commercial Bank has refunded Rs 641,308,350 to Hujjaj included Rs 615,826,500 as accommodation, Rs 18,758,850 as transportation and Rs 6,723,000 as Qurbani differences.

The Allied Bank has refunded Rs 230,546,100 to Hujjaj included Rs 217,161,000 as accommodation, Rs 7,499,100 as transportation and Rs 5,886,000  as Qurbani differences.

The Zarai Taraqiati Bank has refunded Rs 193,816,050 including Rs 182,596,500 accommodation, Rs 6,130,050 transportation and Rs 5,089,500 Qurbani differences.

The First Women Bank refunded Rs 4,115,850 to the hujjaj included Rs 3,963,000 to accommodation, Rs 125,850 transportation, Rs 27,000 Qurbani differences.

The Bank of Punjab has refunded Rs 56,321,400 included Rs 53,775,000 accommodation, Rs 2,141,400 transportation and Rs 405,000 Qurbani differences.

The Dubai Islami Bank has refunded Rs 19,443,825 included Rs 18,451, 500 accommodation, Rs 938,325 accommodation and Rs 54,000 Qurbani differences.

The Faysal Bank has refunded Rs 13,050,600 including Rs 12,532,500 accommodation, Rs 477,600 transportation and Rs Rs 40,500 Qurbani differences.

The JS Bank has refunded Rs37,461,000 including Rs 36,045,000 accommodation Rs1,213,500 transportation and Rs 202,500 Qurbani differences.

The Habib Metropolitan Bank has refunded Rs 37,043,625 including Rs 35,617,000 accommodation, Rs 12,64,125 transportation and Rs 162,000 Qurbani differences.

The Bank Al-Falah has refunded Rs 7,630,350 included Rs 7,260,000 accommodation, Rs 343,350 transportation and Rs 27,000 Qurbani differences.

The Sindh Bank has refunded Rs 16,140,475 including Rs 15,547,500 accommodation, Rs 552,375 transportation and Rs 40,500 Qurbani differences.

The Askary Bank has refunded Rs 247,200 including Rs 231,000 as accommodation, Rs 16,200 transportation differences.

Source: APP