Fog makes life difficult in Multan

MULTAN: Chilled weather and dense fog has strucked Multan again and has forced daily life routines to turn out challenging.

Within 2 days; the fog in Multan has came down at certain visibility level but today once again the visibility reduced to 200 meter. The visibility on the motorway of Multan was recorded 100 meter in morning.

Chilled weather has also entered the zones of Multan city and has lead the temperature at 5 degrees. According to met department; light rain has also been predicted during the day.

On the other hand, dense fog and haze in the morning striking the visibility down disturbed the schedules of flights at Multan Airport. Madina-bound flight of a private airliner NL-701 was delayed for more than five hours and took off at 5:45 am. Another Multan-bound flight from Madina NL-701, that was scheduled to take off at 9:30 am today, is also delayed.