Film Actor Meera pronounced Allama Iqbal as a writer of Pakistani National Anthem

LAHORE: Film Actor Meera is always very popular for stating some remarks which are considered antic. Likewise, she pronounced Allama Iqbal the writer of the National Anthem in a press conference.

Meera in the press conference said that currently she is working on a very important project of a hospital. She further said that her talks and interviews are considered pranks and less important but she never take it seriously. To clarify her objective of building a hospital, she gave an example of Allama Iqbal. She said; If Allama Iqbal can think of making Pakistan and work on it without considering obstacles and even he can express his feeling easily for making Pakistan in the form of National Anthem, then I could do the same.

On this occasion she mentioned Cheif Mininster Shahbaz Sharif. She said Shahbaz Sharif is the one who always looks out for those people who are in need. By marking this statement, she requested Shahbaz Sharif to grant her 10 acre land to build the hospital so she can also help those people who are in need or the one who actually want help.

Meera also said that I have collected 52 thousand dollars from America and further more the Pakistanis living over there have promised her to grant her 20 thousand dollars.