‘Zinda Bhaag’ highlights modern day Pakistani cinema

Zinda bhaag’ is in a line of Oscar consideration and if get a nod will be something for the Cinema here in Pakistan which now seems to be going in a good direction as lots of people filling the cinema halls and what I perceive in coming years we will be able to make some quality movies.

The story of ‘Zinda Bhaag’ is based in the heart of a lower-middle class neighbourhood in Lahore, where three friends Khaldi (Khurram Patras), Taambi (Zohib) and Chitta (Salman Ahmed Khan) are waiting to achieve their ‘Pakistani dream’ – while they are enjoying life to a fullest.

From all fun and frolic in the first half, ‘Zinda Bhaag’ takes turn for serious and dark in the second half. It is here as journalist and entrepreneur Mohsin Sayeed aptly puts, “The film leaves the viewers with many questions about the state of the country and dangerous black hole of inertia, vision and lack of opportunities for our youth that makes up about 63 percent of our population”.

The movie is over 80 percent in Punjabi not Urdu as Mazhar Zaidi (the producer) said, “Making it in Urdu would have not kept the movie authentic to its setting.” Win for authenticity over mass appeal.

In Zinda Bhaag, the film’s directors Meenu Gaur and Farjad Nabi manage to create a culturally accurate story world, while taking a limited amount of screen time.

Performance wise, all the three boys are simply brilliant. Amna Ilyas, playing the romantic lead and a budding entrepreneur, is decent in her performance.

Naseeruddin Shah is a powerhouse actor and is just flawless in a character of an area don, which has been written with him in mind.

The main idea behind the story is to show the realistic presentation of people living among us who have only one aim to go abroad to earn money for their families back, no matter what are the means of going abroad. The street culture, gambling, huge difference between the classes and frustration to get all in one day is what is beautifully shown in this movie.