Urdu poet N.M Rashid remembered

KARACHI: Nazar Muhammad Rashid ( N.M Rashid), an influential Pakistani poet of modern Urdu poetry was remembered Thursday  on his death anniversary.

Nazar Mohammed Rashid  was born on 1910 at Village Kot Bhaaga, Gujranwala, Punjab. He is commonly known as Noon Meem Rashed.

Rashed served for the UN and worked in many countries. He is considered to be the father of Modernism in Urdu Literature.

He rebelled against the traditional form of ‘ghazal’ and became the first major exponent of free verse in Urdu Literature. His first book of free verse, Mavra, was published in 1940 that established him as a pioneering figure in free form Urdu poetry.

He retired to England in 1973 and died in a London hospital in 1975.

His poem “Zindagi sey dartey ho” was set to music in the 2011 Bollywood movie, Peepli Live.