Trend of Online cattle business rapidly growing in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The purchase of sacrificial animals is no longer a difficult task in Pakistan as cattle farmers have modernized their mode of business in order to facilitate the buyers.

Big names in cattle farming having reputation of rearing heavy-weight sacrificial animals are aggressively running their advertisement campaigns through SMS, facebook, twitter, websites and video sites.

People have started purchasing animals as Eid is approaching fast.

Some businessmen are providing online services on different websites to facilitate people at their doorstep.

Ali Tahir, employee of an online cattle business, said a large number of buyers have been getting aware of the online cattle purchasing services in and outside the country.

He said online trend have been flourished tremendously as increasing number of orders are placed every next year.

Zahid Ali, a resident of F-6 who purchased two goats from the online goat market, while talking to APP said that he had been drawn to the online markets due to option of paying a price based on the actual weight of the animal.

“In the traditional cattle markets, the customers are seen haggling over the prices of the sacrificial animals. The animal dealers normally demand ten times higher prices,” he added.

In the online gallery, details such as the weight, number of teeth, age, photo, price and the name of animal are placed to help customers select the animal of his choice.

The animal price may be a little higher but this is often compensated by the option of having the animal delivered to you.

If the animals are not the same as shown on the website, buyers have the option of cancelling the purchase deal, said Zahid Ali.

“In today’s busy life, it was very difficult to go to market for buying sacrificial animals but now anyone could choose animal of their choice while sitting at home,” a businessman Naeem said.

Owner of a website Qasim Shah said if the banking sector gives us the payment option, the market would groom quickly.