Sukkur: Security plan finalised for Muharram

SUKKUR: Senior Suprintendet of Police (SSP) Sukkur, Syed Fida Hussain Shah has said that security arrangements have been finalised for Muharram in the district.

He said this while addressing a meeting of Ulema from all schools of thought at SSP office on Wednesday.

The SSP said that a comprehensive security plan had been devised to provide protection to public and avoid any untoward incident.

He said that cooperation among the Ulema of all sects was vital to maintain law and order in the district.

Fida Shah said that strict action would be taken against those people who would be involved in violation of code of conduct, misuse of loudspeakers, wall chalking, and distribution of provocative material and objectionable speeches.

He said that close circuit cameras would be installed on routes of the Muharram processions and videos would also be made adding that a control room had been set up to monitor activities during Muharram.