Senate to take up heavy agenda in coming days

ISLAMABAD: The Upper House of the Parliament will be taking heavy agenda during the current session as both the treasury and the opposition benches agreed to discuss law and order situation, foreign policy issues and the economic problems in the country.

As the session started with points of order on kidnapping and terrorist activities in Balochistan and KPK, Leader of the House in the Senate Raja Zafarul Haq informed that a two day each debate will be held in the House on law and order situation, foreign policy and Prime Minister’s visit to United States and the economic condition of the country.

He was responding to a point of order raised by the ANP Senator Zahid Khan about kidnapping of his party’s former provincial President Arbab Zahir Kahn Kasi.

He had also complained that he did not get any response from the Interior Minister and the Chief Minister Balochistan despite repeated efforts to contact them. The Senator also demanded to ensure security of political workers as well as general public.

In response Leader of the House assured that Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar will brief the House on law and order situation and then the members will be given two days to discuss the matter. Then, the Interior Minister will wind up the debate.

He further informed that the House will also discuss for two days the issue of Foreign Policy. “Advisor to the Prime Minister Sartaj Aziz will brief the House on foreign policy and the Prime Minister’s visit to United States.”

Similarly, he said, the House will also discuss the economic condition and earthquake in Balochistan for two days and the government will respond to queries of the members.

Since the ANP and couple of other parties had walked out from the House to protest the kidnapping in Balochistan, the Leader of the House described it as an improper attitude as he stated that it has already been decided to discuss these issues in the House.

Meanwhile, Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haideri of JUI-F and Col Tahir Mashhadi also expressed concerns respectively on kidnapping from Balochistan and torture to innocent people in Karachi.

Both the members also raised the matter of missing persons and demanded from the government to secure the lives and property of the people.

“It were we who had demanded targeted operation in Karachi against the criminals but it does not mean that a few innocent people are tortured and some are missing,” Mashhadi said.

The Leader of the House replied that captaincy of Karachi operation is with the Chief Minister. However, in this House, the Interior Minister will brief the House on these issues.