PTI expresses dismay over PM Nawaz’ statement

ISLAMABAD: Central Information Secretary PTI Shireen Mazari Monday expressed dismay at the blatantly false statement given by Nawaz Sharif immediately after he landed in the US to start his official visit.

By declaring that after the mandate given to the federal government by the APC, “talks had begun” but were derailed because “violence erupted”, PM Sharif was clearly not stating the truth.

The facts are: one, the government has not moved at all to begin operationalising the APC mandate for talks which are nowhere near commencing; and, two, terrorism and violence did not suddenly “erupt” but have been prevalent with growing intensity which is why the APC sought dialogue to give peace a chance.

Mazari pointed out that failure to move at all on the APC mandate is one reason why the terrorists have felt emboldened and increased their attacks as they sense a lack of resolve on the part of the government.

Mazari stated that such false statements to appease the US bode ill for Pakistan but she hoped the PM would take a resolute position on drones and make clear that Pakistan will not tolerate drone attacks anymore.

Mazari also stated that by having a low level delegation receive the PM on his official visit, the insult was to Pakistan and its people, not to the person of Nawaz Sharif. The PM Office and Ministry of Foreign Affairs should have ensured that this did not happen as the trip is minutely planned. Why was this insult accepted by the Pakistani planners? she asked.

The US has once again belittled Pakistan by doling out part of the money owed to Pakistan under the Coalition Support Fund at the time of the PM’s visit – as if that should be enough ensure Pakistan’s cooperation despite drone attacks; opposition to the vital IP pipeline; targeting of Pakistan’s nuclear programme and questioning Pakistan’s efforts to dialogue for peace while US itself seeks the same to exit Afghanistan! The CSF is money owed to Pakistan for services rendered at great cost by Pakistan to the US WoT and it should not be used to blackmail Pakistan politically, Mazari concluded.