PML leaders hail party workers for their struggle against adventurist

KARACHI: Salim Zia, the General Secretary of Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) has said the historical struggle of his party’s leadership and the workers has brought an ultimate end to adventurism of those with nil democratic credentials.

Addressing a party meeting on Monday, he said the derailment of democracy in 1999 can no more be repeated as people of the country are far more committed to it.

No one could dare to assault democracy, he said mentioning that people are far more conscious about their rights as well as importance of government that is for them, by them and of them.

Central President of PML -N’s women wing, Nuzhat Amir said the nation deserves to be facilitated for making wise decisions about their destiny as after Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah it is Prime

Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif who holds the right vision to lead them towards path of progress and prosperity.

Information Secretary, PML- N (Sindh) Ali Akbar Gujjar said it was power of people that an individual who had trespassed their authority in the past is unable to face them.

Ghulam Mustafa (Advocate) said that it was sincerity of purpose and absolute commitment to democratic norms of the PML -N workers that the party has been able to form its government.

Meeting attended by a large number of party workers demanded that those responsible for derailing democracy in the country must be brought to task and penalized for their wrong doing.