People returning from hometown after celebrating Eid

RAWALPINDI: After giving a deserted look for three days, life is returning to normal in twin cities as people are returning from their hometown after celebrating Eid ul Azha with their near and dear ones.

A large number of people, residing in twin cities in connection with their jobs, go to their hometown every year to celebrate Eid with their families and relatives.They mainly belong to various cities of the country and are living in twin cities for their studies or jobs.

The government this time had announced four Eid holidays from Oct 15 to Oct 18 with two weekly holidays of Saturday and Sunday, while people started leaving for homes to celebrate Eid on last Saturday and Sunday. It took the total number of holidays to nine, as people also attached Monday (Oct 14) to make their stay longer at their native towns.

Faisal, a resident of Peoples Colony said,”It is good to see people coming back to Rawalpindi after celebrating Eid. Rawalpindi had become a ghost town during Eid holidays.”

The main markets, food outlets and restaurants of the town remained almost closed during the three days of Eid which made difficult for the bachelors and on-duty staff to manage food.”I cannot find any food outlet or shop opened near my office at Saddar as most of the owners of restaurants and food outlets also hail from other cities”, Amjad, an employee said.

The public transport plying between the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi was seen very limited and the people who visiting recreational spots were bound to pay double charges to the available transport.