NADRA finalizing biometric system to stop SIM buying with false identity

ISLAMABAD: National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) in consultation with ministries of information technology,interior and other stakeholders is fine tuning features of a biometric system for ensuring that no body gets a SIM with false identity.

According to official sources, currently under the directions of Ministry of Interior and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA),NADRA is in the process of evolving a biometric verification system for use at mobile companies’ outlets to stop issuance of illegal SIMs.

NADRA had been providing its expertise to cellular mobile operators so that they can verify the national identity cards of citizens when they purchase SIMs from their franchises.

But now loopholes have appeared in the system as people can buy illegal SIMS by using false identity card information extracted from voter lists available on compacts discs in bazaars.

An agreement between NADRA and cellular mobile operators is being negotiated to finalize modalities of biometric verification system.

PTA is also looking afresh on its standard operating procedures for issuance of SIMs.