Moenjodaro may disappear in 20 years: Experts

ISLAMABAD: One of the oldest archaeological sites in Pakistan and the world’s only surviving Bronze Age metropolis, ‘Moen Jo Daro’ might disappear in 20 years due to lack of poor planning.

Public disinterest,lack of tourism infrastructure and poor planning are the main causes that lead to the destruction of the world’s oldest planned urban landscape, reported a private news channel.

Jawad Aziz, a Unesco heritage expert, said the need for action is vital because these ruins can crumble down soon if no preventive steps will be taken.

According to the report, summer temperatures of 51c, winter frosts, torrential monsoon rains and humid air all combine to leave the sun-dried clay bricks with a dusting of salt crystals that dries them out.

Officials said that preservation work has been going on since the first major excavation in 1924 and was intensified when Moen Jo Daro was made a World Heritage Site.