LoC tension heightens up alongside Indo-Pak peace developments

MUZAFFARABAD: Besides appreciating peace talks by top Pakistani and Indian political leadership, situation becomes intense on Line of Control (LoC) during last some days after exchange fire by security forces of both countries.

Pakistan Army sources said that several shells were fired by Indian army on Kalar and Kala Mula areas located in Azad Jammu and Kashmir on Tuesday.

No casualties were reported in the most recent incident till yet, the sources added.

It should be mentioned that the incident took place on the event when trading resumed on LoC after closure of 36 days Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Indian Army Chief while accusing Pakistan of helping terrorists claimed that without the help of Pakistan terrorist cannot plan any activities.

While talking to media Indian army chief Bikram Singh has once again accused Pakistan and stated that terrorists with the help of Pakistan crossed the line of control (LoC).

Without the help of Pakistan it is impossible for the terrorists to plan any activity he further added.

According to Bikram Singh terrorists entered in India via Keran Sector, in response the security forces killed eight terrorists he further stated that the operation has been completed against terrorists in Keran Sector.

Cross border firing and tensions have been noticed for the past few months between both the countries.

Despite Pakistan offering solution to the problem via peace talks, India continues stating its false accusations on Pakistan.

The democratic set-up of both countries is serious for entering into a new friendship era and maintaining good neighborhood relations as well as open business. NNI