Karachi: Two target killers die in police custody

KARACHI: Police claimed to have arrested three target-killers in Karachi, while two other outlaws were killed in police custody, media reported on Tuesday.

According to the officials, police raided hideout of criminals somewhere in Karachi and arrested two suspected target-killers Baz Muhammad and Younus.

They were later taken to Sharafi Goth locality in police custody to indicate their other associates, however two biker riders appeared suddenly and opened fires on the arrested killers and the police party, killing both Baz Muhammad and Younus on the spot and injuring an ASI.

Motives behind the attack are being investigated.

Meanwhile, the law-enforcers captured three more suspected assassins – Salim, Nadir and Pervez – during an action in Maripur neighborhood. Police claimed that they are involved in over 50 murder incidents in Karachi.