Karachi Stock Exchange mid day update

KARACHI: On Wednesday, until mid day, KSE-100 Index was at 22431.08 with a positive change of 200.65 and volume of 73,774,440 shares.

High and Low were 22539.36and 22230.43 respectively. Total volume traded in the market was 88,568,700 shares with 246 total traded companies out of which 142 were up, 90 were down and 14 were unchanged.

Construction and Materials (Cement) was the top traded sector with total traded volume of 27,395,300 shares. It was followed by Commercial Banks with a total traded volume of 16,668,200 shares.

The three top traded companies were P.T.C.L.A with a volume of 10,620,000 and price per share of 27.09 (0.64), Maple Leaf Cement with a volume 4,536,000 of price per share of 22.52 (0.20), Faysal Bank with a volume 3,126,000 of price per share of 11.40 (0.35).

The top three advancers were Wyeth Pak Ltd with price per share 4305.00 (205.00), Bata (Pak) with price per share of 1750.00 (50.00) and Bhanero Tex. XD share of 393.75 (18.75).

The top three decliners were Siemens Pakistan with price per share of 905.00 (-9.78), Mehmood Tex XD with price per share of 110.60 (-5.35) and Atlas Battery per share of 304.00 (-3.00).