Karachi police arrest 3,976 accused during last month

KARACHI: The Karachi police in their drive against alleged criminals, arrested 3,976 accused during the last month.

A police statement here on Wednesday said that the arrested were made in various areas of the metropolis from September 5 to October 1.

It said that there were 2,845 raids and a total of 184 police encounters during the period.

The police statement said that the accused arrested include 36 accused of extortionism, 27 of kidnapping, 18 of terrorism, 301 of dacoity, 114 proclaimed offenders, 1,248 absconders.

As many as 966 pistols/ mousers, revolvers, 21 Kalashnikovs, 25 rifles, 32 shotguns/ repeaters and 39 bombs/ hand grenades were recovered from the possession of 2,164 accused, the police statement added.